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5 Unexpectedly Awesome Adventures in the UK

The United Kingdom is a destination that doesn’t often go hand-in-hand with adventure. We think of London and we think of roast dinners, not of tropical islands or snowy mountains, but United Kingdom is an adventurer’s dream location and has so much more to offer than abandoned castles, fish and chips and Westminster Abbey.

But first thing’s first; with recent political events, there are many questions flying around about visas and how easy it will be to travel to the United Kingdom from now on. Before you book your flights to experience these epic escapades, check out or your local government travel advice website to find out if you are eligible for a visa waiver or if there any conditions to entering the UK.

Find peace on a tropical island

No jokes, the United Kingdom does tropical island escapes, and they do it well. The Isles of Scilly, which are just 28 miles off the coast of Land’s End, are a group of islands which are filled with palm trees and gardens, miles of coastlines to walk and a history of piracy and shipwrecks. To get to this English paradise will just be a short plane or boat journey across the sea where you will land on the main island of St Mary’s. From here, many little boats will whisk you away to the smaller islands where you will discover pristine beaches, rugged headlands and food to die for.

at the beach

Hike the UK’s final frontier

The Knoydart Peninsula in Scotland is a rugged piece of land which juts out into the sea with no way onto it by vehicle. Hikers can walk the expanse of munros, across bracken strewn moorland and by island studded lochs to the Knoydart’s only town, Inverie. Here there is one pub, no phone signal or cars and miles of hills to be explored. It rains a lot on the Knoydart, so go prepared with enough kit to keep you dry in a monsoon. The views when the clouds lift, however, are out of this world! For the less adventurous soul, a boat can be taken from Mallaig to Inverie and takes just 30 minutes.


Learn to surf

The United Kingdom has some of the best surf in the world, if only you know where to look. The North Sea, although freezing at best, has been a magnet for cold water surfers for years. In slightly warmer climates down south, Perranporth Beach in Cornwall and Bantham in Devon have breaks which are reliable as Portugal or Hawaii!

Hike on the edge in North Wales

Snowdon, Wales’ highest peak, has many paths catering for all abilities reaching its summit. For those with a head for heights, Crib Goch is a knife-edge route which has drops of over 900m on each side of the ridge. It’s accessible to those with reasonable fitness in the summer months and accomplished winter climbers in winter. Be sure to check the weather before attempting – this mountain may be small, but it is definitely mighty!

Spot wildlife on the coast

The UK’s seas are brimming with sea life, from Spinner’s dolphins to basking sharks, puffins to seals, the coast and sea have it all. In good weather, these waters and shorelines are easy to explore by kayak, canoe, by swimming or abseiling down cliffs. Be sure to speak to a professional and hire a guide or instructor, the weather in the United Kingdom can be changeable, and nobody wants to be stuck in a storm!


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