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An Inspirational Journey To Hong Kong

The first thing you notice as a westerner going to Hong Kong is that it is a mixture of cultures. Yes, it’s got an almost New York feel to it, with its dazzling skyscrapers and fantastic wealth. But it’s also got a very Chinese atmosphere. The traffic is orderly, and the food is traditional. What this creates is a unique environment for the traveling. It feels both like home and a foreign land. The city is also a joy to explore. There’s something around practically every corner as well as high up in the sky.

Best In Dry Season

Before traveling to Hong Kong, it’s a good idea to compare travel insurance quotes. The weather in the region can be volatile, especially in typhoon season. The best months to go are the dry months between October and February. Because the city is sub-tropical, it can still get quite cold in the winter months, so it’s a good idea to make sure you take warm clothes if you’re traveling at this time of the year. Also the indoor “weather” in Hong Kong can be extreme too. Many of the malls and restaurants have powerful air conditioning units which can actually make you cold.

explore Hong Kong.jpg

Local Etiquette

Though Hong Kong has British institutions at its heart, some of the local etiquette does differ significantly, thanks in part to the Chinese migrants who make up the majority of the city. Tipping is similar to what it is in Western countries, although if you go to a restaurant, you’ll be expected to tip more. Furthermore, if you get a cold, it’s customary to wear a face mask.



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