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4 Good Reasons to Fall in Love With Thailand

Thailand is one of those Asian holiday destinations that has to be seen to be believed. It’s a place that receives a lot of tourism, but it’s usually from repeat visitors who can’t get enough of this magical and unique location. It’s a place that scares many people due to the different culture and potential language barrier, but it’s a country steeped in culture and history that you definitely can’t miss. To help convince you, here are four good reasons why you’ll fall in love with Thailand.

The cost

Thailand is a budget holiday destination where you can stretch your pennies. Travelling to Thailand is moderately priced, the food is very cheap and delicious, and there are plenty of unique places to stay and find entertainment. As long as you stay away from the obvious tourist traps such as the luxury resorts and shy away from the crowds, you’ll find fantastic traditional food in the back alley food stalls and welcoming hostels to sleep in. This makes Thailand a fantastic location for a backpacking or a solo holiday if you’re on a budget, or simply want to engage with the locals and live how they do, picking up phrases to use, embracing the culture and delving into Thailand’s unique culinary history.

The food is delicious

Most people have tried Thai food back in their home countries, but it’s nothing compared to the fresh and spicy meals that you’ll get to try in Thailand. It’s simply not comparable to what you eat in restaurants in Western countries. The fragrances and aromas you whiff when you pass by a market stall in Thailand simply can’t compare to the kitchens that you’ll find back in your country. Thanks to Thailand’s geographical location, they make ample use of fresh seafood as well, making it one of the most amazing destinations to visit for any foodie. There are informative blogs such as Eating Thai Food that will whet your appetite and make you salivate just by looking at the pictures.

thailand travel

There’s a lot to do

Take a look at a Thai travel website such as Thailand Travel Hub and you’ll find plenty of unique resorts, restaurants and things to do in Thailand. If you want to experience Thailand’s history, then look no further than The Grand Palace, one of Bangkok’s most impressive landmarks that is filled with history. It might feel like a tourist trap, but it’s worth every single penny you’ll pay to get a guided tour. If you love to see the wildlife of the country, then get ready to see many elephants. There are some serious animal cruelty issues within Thailand so it’s recommended not to visit any sanctuary that forces the elephants to perform tricks, but there are plenty of nature parks that rehabilitate elephants.

It’s a fantastic location for travelling

Not only is Thailand itself a fantastic place to visit, it’s also a great location because it’s not far from other locations such as Bali, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. This makes Thailand a fantastic stop for a foodie tour or a cultural experience around the whole of Asia.



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