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So, You Want To Go Long Haul?

There are so many types of holidays on the market and trying to decide what sort of holiday you should take is so overwhelming! You can truly feel spoilt for choice when you pick your yearly holiday. If you want a true experience of another culture, in another country and on the other side of the world, a long-haul holiday is going to be your best option.

Long-haul destinations used to be the stuff of holiday dreams, with far-flung lands and adventures only a dream of the wealthy among us. Now? Now you can find long-haul holiday bargains which can sometimes be cheaper than a short flight to the country next door. Long-haul holidays are often a better option for your break, and we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should look into long-haul instead of a short break:

Sydney Opera House.jpg


Any website you holiday search on will show you long-haul holidays that are full of spun sugar beaches, crystal clear waters and palm trees lining the beach. That isn’t to say you won’t get luxury on a short-haul holiday, but the logic is the further you travel the more you get for your cash, from exotic foods to cultural experiences.


European package holidays which have always been wildly popular have been marred by geographical events that have frightened people who would normally take a holiday there. International travel insurance for far away destinations seems worth it to those who want to avoid European destinations and travel further afield. Taking a long-haul holiday to a destination that has not been on the news seems preferable to the traveller.


Believe it or not, sometimes a long-haul holiday can be cheaper. This is always dependent on the holiday provider and the time of year you go. However, the difference in cost can be more than $500 per person, with the short-haul holiday being more expensive. If you are savvy with your holiday searching, you can find some incredible deals on a long-haul holiday simply by swapping the dates to another month of the year.


Long-haul holidays have longer flights with possibly more changes, depending on the place you are visiting. However, the planes you take and the transfers you use and the meals you eat all tend to be of better quality. The companies know you are travelling for hours on end, and your comfort is their business. You can find some excellent upgrade options for luxury holidays long-haul and you can really get value for money on your flight. You may pay a little more, but you definitely get what you pay for.

When you choose to go further for your yearly holiday, you’re choosing between a variety of holidays and destinations that all offer different things for you. Ensuring that you cover yourself with visas, insurances and have enough back up cash for each country you plan to hop to is just a given for the seasoned traveller. Reading articles like this about how you can country hop for the cheapest budget is just good sense. Enjoy your long-haul break!


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