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3 Essential Tips For Your First Hiking Trip

If you’re feeling stressed out and suffocated by the rush and crush of city life, then you may want to spend the majority of your next trip in the great outdoors. What better way to do this than with a big hiking trip? Hiking can be just what the doctor ordered for a lot of avid travelers, but like any trip, it’s essential to do some preparation in advance. Here are a few essential tips for preparing for your first hiking trip…

How’s the Weather?

Seen as you’re going to spend a lot of this trip without dependable shelter, it’s important to know about the kind of weather you can expect while you’re out there, and how you can adjust your plans accordingly. Before you grab your things at basecamp and head out on a hike, be sure to check the internet, or consult a park ranger to find out what kind of weather you can expect. With a decent pair of boots and some waterproofs, you can still have a great time in a bit of drizzle. However, if there are any big storms on the horizon, you might need to give the day’s trek a literal rain check.

Forest Hiking Backpack Hiking Mountains Backpack

Bring the Essentials

In preparation for your trip, you may have been browsing a lot of sites like Hiking Gear Lab, and felt pretty overwhelmed by all the different bits of kit that you could bring with you on a hiking trip. While different destinations will call for different items, there are certain universal essentials that you should always have with you on any big hiking adventure. Some method of navigation is essential to make sure you don’t get lost, even if it’s just a failsafe. You’ll also need protection from the sun, and some layers for when the weather gets cold. A torch can be a literal lifesaver, as can a first aid kit with all the typical supplies. Fire making materials and some kind of emergency shelter are smart things to pack, even if you’re not planning to camp out there. Finally, make sure you’re bringing enough food and drink to keep yourself hydrated, and with enough energy to cover all the ground you’re planning to. Be sure to cover all of these essentials in your packing before you think about any extras or luxuries.

Keep Tuned In

When you’re actually out on your hiking trip, make sure you’re paying close attention to both your body and the conditions around you. Keep the position of the sun in mind, ensuring that you keep up a pace that will get you where you need to be before dark. If you’re feeling tired, or you notice the beginnings of a headache coming on, stop for a snack and a drink. Make sure you’re consuming plenty of water, especially if the day’s meant to be a scorcher. If your feet start to hurt, take a rest and adjust your footwear. Your body is your main mode of transport out there, so take good care of it!


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  1. joiegahum30 says

    If youre planning to do hiking for a long term hobby. Consider buying good essential gears like the roadeavour collapsible water bottle. Its lightweight and saves a lot of space. Packing light will help you when you go for more technical and longer trails.


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