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You Don’t Need To Settle For a Life Without Sun

Now, it’ll come as no surprise that this blog is a pretty strong advocate on the life-affirming qualities of the sun. It’s warming, it gives us energy, allows us to explore long in the day, and that’s before we even mention the simple pleasures of sitting outside with a cold drink on a warm summer’s evening. Yes, all in all, the sun is pretty perfect. But only when you’re in it: when it’s far away, it’s like being on the outside of a party. If you think you could do with a greater dose of sunlight in your life, take our steps below and get back to being happy.

Time Your Travel Well

If you live in northern Europe, then your winters will be characterized by long, dark nights. It can feel like we go forever without the sun! In the summer, the sun does come, but oddly enough this is when most people decide to travel to somewhere with warmer climates. If you don’t have children – and thus don’t need to worry about school holidays – then take your trip during the winter, not the summer. You’ll enjoy swimming in the sea much more when you know it’s dark and miserable back home, and it’ll be cheaper, too.


Many people opt to take their holidays two weeks at a time, again mostly during summer. Instead of going on one big trip to the sun, choose instead to have three or four smaller trips. This will mean you don’t have to wait too long in between your spells in the sunshine, and you’ll also be able to see more of the world rather than just spending two weeks in one destination. With low-cost airlines making it more affordable than ever to fly, it won’t cost any more than one long holiday, either.

Moving Abroad

If you’re retired or have a location independent job, then why not move to somewhere that gets more sun? The interconnected world is set up for this type of living, and it’s never been easier for people to move to another country. The only question is, where do you go? South Tenerife is sunny year round, so take a look at Lupain and begin the search for your perfect place. You could also buy a property as a second home, and split your time between your permanent base and your place in the sun.

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Small Victories

Despite what people think, it does get sunny all year round in most places. It’s just that the sun isn’t around for long. The key is to be ready to strike when the sun arrives. If it’s a cold January day, but the sun is shining, then get outside. You’ll still be able to receive the benefits of the sun – such as that mood-boosting vitamin D – even if the weather is a bit chilly. Just wrap up warm! If you have plenty of layers on and the sun’s shining on your face, it can feel (well, almost) like you’re somewhere tropical!  



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