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Places You Need To Visit When Planning A Texas Vacation

Texas is the second largest state in the US, with a huge geographical landscape just waiting to be explored. From mountains and canyons to huge cities packed with tourist attractions, Texas has much to offer any holiday maker.

There is a lot to discover, and a short stay in Texas is not going to cover everything. However, we have listed a number of places in this guide which should help you when planning your next vacation. For adventure seekers, to those with an interest in Texan history, there should be something on this list for most tastes. So, whether you stay in a luxury hotel, such as Best Western Premier Energy Corridor or something more rustic, such as a cabin or a guest ranch, find accommodation closest to the attractions you want to visit.

The Alamo

You may have seen the film, but to gain a real understanding of the historical significance of the famous Texan War of Independence, you should visit this landmark at the heart of San Antonio. 187 soldiers died at the Alamo, making their last stand against an overwhelming Mexican force, and you can visit the actual location with restored buildings commemorating those who lost their lives.

Houston Space Center

Anybody with an interest in space should visit the home of NASA’s mission control. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas, visitors get to simulate real life space experiences, while gaining an insight into the wonders of space with artefact displays, and a look into the future with technology no longer classed as science-fiction. Most of us stand little chance in exploring space for real, so this is the next best thing.

Remembering  JFK

Built to commemorate the assassination of JFK, the JFK memorial is a monument dedicated to the late President in Dallas. After contemplating the greatness of the man, you should also visit the nearby Texas Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fateful shot from a sixth-floor window. The building is now home to a museum celebrating the life of the man, whose death still gets conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

Big Bend National Park

Situated in Southwest Texas, the park is perfect for would be explorers. Whether you choose to walk, drive, or take a river trip, there is much to see, despite the desolate landscape. Spend a night camping under the stars, explore ghost towns, hike through ancient Indian sites, and take in beautiful mountain views while enjoying the diverse range of wildlife.

big bend national park.jpg

Fort Worth Stockyards

We already recommended experiencing a Texan rodeo, and here is where you can do it. Telling the history of Texas’ famed cattle industry, this is the only surviving facility of its kind. A must-see for anybody with an interest in western history, with attractions to suit anybody, including the aforementioned rodeos, cattle driving demonstrations and shootout shows. Ever wanted to be a cowboy? Now you can gain the experience, with none of the real life dangers present in western times.




  1. It’s so hard to narrow down the list for Texas! It’s so huge and there are so many amazing things to do and see! The stockyards are definitely at the top of my list! 🙂

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