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The Big Apple Offers Up The Perfect Romantic Getaway

People tend to roll their eyes when it comes to cliches, but not us. We see cliches as nothing but truisms and who doesn’t need to hear a truism once in awhile. This is especially when it comes to running away on a romantic city break. But forget Paris and Venice because the best of all the romantic cliches is New York City.

Now you may be thinking that two people in love can make almost anything lovey-dovey, and you’d be right, but sometimes a big backdrop and a little scenery can take it to another level. Think you’re in love now, wait until you’ve stepped off one of the cheap flights to New York and experienced falling head over heels for each other in the Big Apple. So, without further ado, here is a list of the most romantic things you need to do on your escape together.

NYC skyline.jpeg

Picnic Under Brooklyn Bridge

Experiencing a view of Manhattan’s infamous skyline as evening falls is one of the most incredible things you will ever experience. This is a superstructure that has seen New Yorkers cross the East River since the late 19th Century. Please, please make sure you make the 3,500 foot walk across though. It is “the most effective medicine my soul has yet partaken,” as Walt Whitman once proclaimed.

Top Of The Empire State Building

There is no place in all of New York that has seen romance endure quite as spectacularly as the observation deck of the Empire State Building. That is how to get panoramic views over this spectacular city, cuddling up to one another as they did in the hopelessly romantic film Sleepless In Seattle.

The Hidden Museum of Tibetan Art

New York is full of things that people have already done, which somewhat takes away from the luxury of a thing. That is why we implore you to head to Staten Island and head to the only Himalayan Temple styled building in the whole of America. It is the ultimate spot when it comes to tranquility, pretty gardens and breathtaking beauty.

New York.jpeg

One Spot In Central Park

Ask anyone that has ever been to Central Park and they will guffaw over the sheer size of this place. That can make it quite hard to know where to head. But for us, with romance in mind, there can only be one place; the Bow Bridge. Hire a boat and venture out onto the water for a loved-up selfie with the movie-famous bridge in the background.

Mark Your Trip With Tiffany’s

You can’t hope to enjoy a luxury trip to the Big Apple without visiting the very pinnacle of luxe that is Tiffany and Co. and collecting a little romantic memento of your getaway. Just the building itself is worth seeing, which is the 1907 Beaux Arts Building, with its marble walls and everything expensive oozing out of the doors.

Grab A Drink With Sinatra

Okay, so Sinatra won’t actually be there for obvious reasons, but the Mulberry Project in Little Italy is somewhere you half imagine to find him in the corner, with a gorgeous lady, schmoozing away. That is the New York experience you want to have. You may not be able to get yourself dinner here, but a fantastic cocktail is a sure thing.


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