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Planning Your Singapore City Break

Singapore is often noted as one of the safest places in the world when it comes to crime, and it’s also a country that’s home to some stunning architecture. Lots of people choose to visit this location every year for a variety of different reasons.

Some folks enjoy the restaurants and nightlife, while others travel there with a work visa with the intention to earn money. However, Singapore is an excellent place for a city break because there are a wealth of attractions and activities guaranteed to keep everyone entertained. Still, the island nation is often an expensive place to spend your time, and that’s why you need some planning advice to ensure you don’t break the bank.

Booking your flights

As with most other destinations in the world, you’re always best to book flights at least a couple of months in advance if you want to tick Singapore off your bucket list. In some instances, it’s possible to find some excellent last minute deals. However, that is not a reliable strategy to follow if you’re travelling on a budget. Thankfully, lots of flight comparison websites around these days will help to make the process much more straightforward. Just enter your destination, and the sites will show you the best prices available online. Some domains even let you know about the cheapest times of the year to fly. So, if you plan your trip a few months ahead of time, you can work out precisely the right time to purchase your tickets.

Raffles Hotel. Singapore.jpg

Raffles Hotel, Singapore by Bernard Spragg. NZ


Finding the best accommodation

You have a couple of options on the table when it comes to finding the best accommodation in Singapore. Firstly, you could use booking websites to choose a hotel based on reviews. Secondly, you could hire an apartment in the city from a private individual. There are lots of properties for rent in Singapore, and some people don’t spend the entire year in the country. So, if you get lucky, it’s possible you will find someone willing to let you use their apartment for a small fee. In some instances that could assist you in saving a small fortune. For the best chances of making that happen, you just need to join some Singapore expat forums online and network with people living over there.

Getting travel insurance

Everyone should purchase travel insurance whenever planning to fly to a different country. However, it’s essential in Singapore because the state is home to various illnesses and diseases. Plus, nobody wants to end up with a hospital bill for half a million pounds if they injure themselves, right? In most situations, it’s possible to get insurance for little expense if you search online. Just ensure it covers medical payments for injuries and illnesses up to a reasonable amount. Most travel insurance packages will also:


  • Cover the cost of a flight home for treatment
  • Pay for any drugs or medications
  • Cover the bill for any specialist treatment


Universal Studios Singapore.jpg

Universal Studios Singapore, by Sarah Ackerman


Arranging attraction tickets

There are lots of different attractions in Singapore that you won’t want to overlook during your stay. It’s just sensible to purchase some tickets before you leave home to avoid disappointment. At particular times of the year, the country becomes very busy, and so it sometimes difficult to gain entry. Some of the best attractions in Singapore right now include:



It’s possible to save some cash by purchasing combination tickets that enable you to enter more than one attraction. You just need to search online for websites that offer deals of that nature.

Discovering the best places to eat

Singapore has a thriving nightlife with lots of concert halls, bars, and nightclubs. However, it’s the restaurants that make the country shine. If you like authentic Asian cuisine, you’re going to love the selection of eateries all over Singapore. Again, some of the most popular restaurants take bookings a few weeks in advance. So, depending on the time of year you plan to travel, you might like to get in touch and reserve your table in advance. Some of the best restaurants in Singapore right now include:


  • Cut by Wolfgang Puck
  • Restaurant ANDRE
  • NOX – Dine in the Dark


However, there are thousands of different places you could visit to get something to eat, and there are even street vendors all over the country. So, if you can’t get a meal at one of the top restaurants, everyone should still find something tasty to satisfy their cravings.

Getting around

Singapore is a small country, but you’ll still require some transport if you want to get around and see all the sights. Thankfully, there is a fantastic public network of trains and buses that should help all visitors to get from A to B.

There are also lots of professional taxi firms you can call if you need to get back to your hotel after a night out. However, those who want to see the authentic side of local culture might consider hiring a car. In most situations, UK or US driving permits are enough to get a vehicle in this Asian country. There are even some companies that will leave your hire car at the airport so you can use it from the moment you land. As with anything else, just make sure you read reviews to sort the wheat from the chaff and find the best leasing firm.

Now you know the ins and outs of planning a fantastic city break in Singapore, nothing should stand in your way. Just make sure you check travel advice from your home country before you fly. Also, visit your doctor and ensure you have all the appropriate vaccinations before stepping foot on that plane.

When all’s said and done, Singapore is one of the most stunning and westernized countries in that part of the world, and so you’re sure to have a memorable time if you make all the critical arrangements in advance. Now you just have to work out which is the best camera to take along for the trip. Enjoy!


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