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4 Hours of Water Sports followed by 1 Amazing Spanish Lunch!

I was super excited for the second day of our A Different Barcelona tour because we had Water Sport activities on our schedule. This was one of the main reasons why I picked this tour! The itinerary said that we would try out one of the following water sport activities: Paddle Surfing, Kayaking or Sailing. I wanted to try out sailing. Our lovely tour guide picked us up with our tour bus up from our hotel early in the morning and we headed toward the Barcelona Olympic Port. We arrived at Vela Barcelona where we were about to try not 1 but 4 different Water Sport activities, each lasting 1 hour long! I was completely insanely excited about this as I love water sports and generally being in water. The water at the time (beginning of May) was still on the cold side, but we were provided with awesome wet suits. As I predicted, I was horrible at paddle surfing. Balancing on that board was a challenge for me. I managed to stand up a couple of times within …