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5 Less Well-Known Places You Need To Visit In America!

Millions of people visit the US every year to go to popular places such as New York, Vegas, and Florida, but some real gems are less well-known places to visit. Here are 5 less well-known places you need to visit in America. Wyoming One top place in America you may not have heard about is Wyoming. It’s a stunning state which is full of mountains. It’s also home to several national parks that are a must-see if you love nature. Yellowstone National Park to the north of the area has some amazing rivers and canyons. You can also visit Grand Teton National Park, which is great for hiking and fishing. You will be able to spot some elk, bears and eagles, and as this article reveals, the awe-inspiring landscape is something you don’t want to miss. Oklahoma City Another less well-known place in America you need to visit is Oklahoma City. It’s full of history that you will want to find out more about. You can visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial, which is dedicated to …

Secrets to Soft Summer Hair

When it comes to Beauty, I am a minimalist, especially during the Summer Season. To date, I haven’t visited or lived in a country (city or state) that did not have a hot summer. Although throughout the years the humidity levels have varied from 2% low to 96% high depending on my location, my beauty routine has always remained the same, with the exception of the London era when I worked in Luxury Retail and I of course had to look super polished and put together at all times. During the hot summer months, a little bit of light foundation base and mascara is all I will wear out during the daytime. For evenings when I go out, I just add a strong lipstick, black eyeliner and sometimes a little blush too. Now back to the original topic of this post – How to get Super Soft Summer Hair I am my own hairdresser and have been for the past 20 years. This means that I’m responsible for every cut, style and color so I know exactly what works and doesn’t …

São Bento: The Most Beautiful Train Station in the World

While researching articles on Porto online, I came across the Sao Bento Railway Station quiet a few times. This train station is by far the most beautiful train station I have ever visited. It’s not a surprise that Sao Bento is always included in the World’s Most Beautiful Train Station lists. Everything about this place is incredible, and I have to say that it most definitely should be on your list when visiting Porto. It will surprise you, trust me! Even before you step inside this train station, the surrounding beauty on the main street is absolutely gorgeous. You have the beautiful Igreja de Santo António dos Congregados church to your right, amazing city architecture straight ahead of you and the majestic Se Cathedral of Porto to your left. But this is how Porto is, there is beauty in every direction. The beauty of this railway station carries out beyond the stunning azulejos tiles, which by the way the entire city is beautifully embellished with. Once you stroll through the large entry doors toward the trains, you will see glimpses of the …

2 New Videos of Porto’s Beautiful Ribeira

Today was a perfect day in Porto. It was over 20C and beautifully sunny. I started my day by souvenir shopping and tasting White Port for the first time, but more on that later with photos. After some more shopping, I headed back across the river to Vila Nova de Gaia to take some photos of Ribeira on a sunny day. I took many beautiful photographs, but for now here are 2 videos from today. How incredible is this place? It’s so beautiful, and I will truly miss it. Porto has a peace of my heart now. Please watch the videos in HD 🙂 The sound you hear in the background is water. I was sitting on a moving wooden dock.

66 Of The Best Gifs That Will Inspire and Spark a Serious Case of Wanderlust

Originally posted on The Lone Panda:
Ok Folks, here’s where I go all gushy-gooey-mushy about how dang obsessed I am with Gifs. You guys may not see it as much on here but believe me when I say that gifs are pretty awesome. If I’m writing a post and I feel like there should be an accompaniment of an annoyed facial expression or that of some eye rolling, I quickly go to and I find what I’m looking for. That site has everything by the way. Well, almost everything. But then I recently joined Tumblr. Yes, I’m also on Tumblr. It’s like I’m a walking social media freak! All in the name of promoting this blog might I add. There’s a reason why people get other people to solely produce social media content for their brand. It’s no joke. The hours it takes is ridiculous. Anyway, I digress as always. Tumblr is… hmm… how do I put it. Nah, I think I can just go ahead and profess my happiness over it for all the…

Travel Journal: Trastevere, Roma

I am in love with Trastevere. It’s such a magical place. This Piazza is next to my little apt & it’s beautiful. If I had to describe Trastevere, I would say that it’s quaint, charming, romantic, easy going & very cool. There are lots of little cute shops & boutiques around, all kinds of cool little bars, beautiful restaurants & everything is interesting. People are so friendly here, I love that. Piazza di Santa Maria Travellers in Trastevere