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Travel Journal: Nutella Birthday Pizza in Rome

I wasn’t sure what I would order as a birthday dessert in Rome, but I definitely gave it some thought prior to my arrival in Rome. When the evening of 14th of January arrived, after a full day of sightseeing, mum and I returned to our fave local restaurant spot and after dinner, ordered a Gluten Free Nutella pizza to share. This pizza was so simple yet so delicious! If you love pizza crust, and you love Nutella, and who doesn’t? – you will definitely enjoy this yummy dessert! Restaurant: Mama! Eat (Menù per Celiaci) Address: Via di San Cosimato, 7/9, 00153 Roma, Italy Phone:+39 06 580 6222 Advertisements

100 Days of Sunshine turns 6 Months Old!

Wow, it’s been half a year already? Seems like time just flew. Exactly 6 months ago I set up this blog on WordPress and my first post was published on the 15th of September. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and this blog has brought me nothing but happiness, but now I’m starting to think about monetization. About 4 months in, sometime in January, a friend of mine came to me and asked me to set up a fun Weekend Birthday Itinerary for her and her husband somewhere in Europe, which I would actually be paid for. This was my first gig offer, and I remember how excited I was about it. I think that any person that finds themselves in a field they feel so passionate about would at first feel slightly awkward and surprised to be paid for something they madly love to do. When I first started researching Travel Blogging last year, I noticed thatsuccessful travel bloggers suggested attending Travel Blogging Events. This was in the very early stage, because I started looking at …

Birthday Trip to Rome

This is my little AirBnb studio. It wasn’t my 1st choice, but when the place I wanted got booked so far in advance from my trip, I quickly jumped & found this place which has some really good reviews, as well as all my basic needs. I just wanted a kitchen, heating & wi-fi but I’m glad I will have a hairdryer waiting for me there too, as I’m taking a carry on bag only. My host Massimiliano seems super nice & friendly too 🙂 The neighborhood was also important to me & I think I will be happy with Trastevere. The apt is €50 per night & I will be writing a post about it after my stay. It’s my 1st time using Airbnb & I plan to use it for my next trip as well, as I really want my own place. Trastevere, Rome For some of my past trips, sometimes I would over plan things & so when I would arrive at my destination, I didn’t have that “oh wow this is …

Sweet Sundays: Beijinho de Coco

My Beijinhos Beijinho de Coco (Little Coconut Kisses) also known as branquinho (little white one) is a delicious dessert made in Brazil for children’s birthday parties. It’s super easy to make & you only need a few ingredients. I have seen photos of Beijinhos without the cloves, and I’m telling you use the cloves for sure, it will change the taste of the dessert completely. The cloves add a beautiful flavor to this little yummy dessert. Beijinho de Coco is the Coconut version of Brigadeiro. It is believed that Beijinho was originally called “Nun’s kiss” and formerly made with almonds, water and sugar. The ingredients you need Bonus photo: My street in London This is the link I used for the recipe with visual Step by Step picture guide. You should definitely check out the link as there are bonus 3 other ways to make desserts out of this mixture.

Como Osteria at Olympic Residence

A new Italian restaurant opened up in Limassol recently & since mum’s birthday was coming up, we decided this would the perfect place to try out. It’s located in the new Olympic Residence towers by the seafront. The decorations are pretty nice as well, modern minimalism. They bring out this yummy hot bread out first, with some amazing dips. Olive oil/garlic dip, fresh tomato dip & an eggplant dip which was absolutely superb. I had the gnocchi (above) which were absolutely delicious. They were also quiet rich. I’m definitely coming back here for lunch or dinner. The prices are great and the portions are great. Everything was delicious. The second time around, I went out for a cup of coffee. I ordered a cappuccino which came with little complimentary chocolate muffins. I think next time I will order a dessert, perhaps a tiramisu. 🙂

Central Rome Apartments

I already started looking at apartments for Rome. I am using airbnb for this stay. I haven’t used them yet, so this will be my 1st time. I think it feels more like you are a part of the city if you rent a little cute apartment with character as opposed to a room in a hotel. You can choose to book a room or an entire apartment. I am picking an entire apartment for myself. I also need a little kitchen, a small fridge, heating, and wi-fi. The apartments I am looking at are all in the very heart of Rome so getting around should be quiet easy. Every now & then I will share with you some great finds I found on the airbnb website. This 1st apt is super cute and big enough for 1 or 2 people. The cost per night is €70 for 1 person & €35 extra for another person. It is located close to the Vatican City.   Click on any photo for a slideshow & click on the X in …

Mama mia, Rome is booked :)

Really excited about this one! Although there is still 70+ days to go & the legit excitement will kick in probably just days before I take off. I will be posting photos of Rome & of the apartments I’m looking at in central Rome via Speaking of Airbnb, if anyone wants a €20 off coupon on your 1st booking, then click here to claim it.

January Birthday trip to Rome

I am going to Rome for the very 1st time during my birthday week in January. I will be there from January 12th-16th. I am super excited to visit this beautiful city. Sure it will be a little cold, but the streets won’t be crowded with many tourists & I will be able to enjoy the sights at my own pace & really take it all in. Really looking forward to this trip.