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Traveling on a Tight Budget

Everyone should take the time to travel. It teaches you so much about life and yourself. Travel will expand your horizons, expose you to new ideas and help you to grow as a person. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that they simply cannot afford to do very much traveling due to the perceived cost of doing so, and they sadly miss out on all its wonderful benefits. Fortunately, it really doesn’t have to be that way. No matter how tight your budget is, there are several things you can do to save money and go on that trip of a lifetime. Here are just a few essential tips for traveling on a tight budget: Travel When It’s Cheap The cost of flights can vary considerably for the same destination, depending on the day, time, and month that you choose to travel. By using a website like Skyscanner, which allows you to compare the cost of flights over a month, you can find the cheapest time to travel and make huge savings. Use the Right …

Sale Alert: 15% off InterRail Global Pass Train Tickets

InterRail is currently having a 15% off sale on their Global Pass Tickets which let you explore 30 of Europe’s countries! For more details on this deal and prices head over here: InterRail Global Pass The countries included in the pass are the following:

Surprise Postcard from Moldova :)

Yesterday when I got home, I went straight to the mailbox. I had this feeling like my free postcard from Starring You was waiting for me inside, and guess what? It was 🙂 What a great surprise! This sweet postcard really made my night! 🙂 How cool are all those handmade stars on the back? Wow! Prior to its arrival, I wondered what country it will come from. If you would like a free postcard too, just go to Starring You Facebook Page and send Michael a private message with your address.   I asked Michael how he funded his many amazing travels and he sent me a pretty awesome response video which I’m attaching bellow:

Why you should eat at R’domus when in Porto

View of R’domus from the street During my first full day in Porto, after some sightseeing and a river cruise, I came across R’domus restaurant and I’m super happy that I did. There was a big sign on the street advertising their very affordable meal of the day which is what got my attention in the first place. Henrique, Paulo and Daniella, the three siblings that work at this local restaurant, are absolutely amazing! They really fed me well 🙂 In fact they fed me so well with their delicious food, I had to take dessert home, and that never happens! R’domus offers very tasty Portuguese food for a very low price. My suggestion for you is that you skip the little overpriced riverside tapas places and you come straight here for a proper full meal. You won’t regret it! You should most definitely order the Meal of the Day. There will always be some sort of delicious meat on the menu, and the day I visited, they had sausages, but since I don’t eat meat anymore, I went for their fried …

10 Amazing Workaway Projects You Should Know About: How to Explore the World almost for Free

I will most definitely try out Workaway at some point in the near future. I love adventure and the unexpected and I get an enormous fulfilment by helping others so this is very much something I would enjoy a lot! Bellow is a link of a post I found on 10 amazing and super fun Workaway projects. How amazing are they? 😀 10 Amazing Workaway Projects You Should Know About

Travel Countdown + My Porto Airbnb Apt in Detail + Airbnb Coupon

Only 2 more weeks left until I take off to Porto. I have showed you a little sneak peak of the apartment before and now you will get to see it in more detail. The Master Bedroom The Bathroom The Kitchen Living Room Area Second Bedroom My own personal bottle of Port, waiting for me in the living room 🙂 This will be perfect after a full day of flying The Details The Street And as usual here’s a little treat for those of you who haven’t signed up with Airbnb yet: Your €24 off coupon at sign up By the way, the apartment above costs only €40 per night 🙂 I was immediately drawn to the open space as I love lofts and I absolutely love wood floors. All the Art details absolutely got my attention too. As I’m only bringing a carry on with me, I will most definitely use the washer and dryer provided in the apartment. There’s also an included Housekeeping service every 3 days during your stay. This place also …

Free 1 Week stay in Catalunya after TBEX event for ticket holders

This is absolutely incredible! I thought my Spain trip would be 1 week long & now it’s turning into a 2 week trip. This will be my first Travel Blogging Event and also my very first time visiting Spain. I’m extremely excited about this trip. I cannot wait to explore beautiful Costa Brava and the rest of Catalunya. The weather should pretty nice in May as well 🙂 You can expect a lot of posts from me from this trip. Stay Longer in Catalunya with FREE Hotel Room Nights After TBEX Europe