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Eat at: Herb Box Market at Southbridge – Scottsdale, Arizona

Right next to the Herb Box Restaurant at the beautiful Scottsdale Waterfront location is The Herb Box Market. This pretty little place has all sorts of goodies, from interesting snacks, to salads, divine desserts and awesome drink options. When I lived in Scottsdale, I usually came here for their Gluten Free cakes which are absolutely out of this world delicious! They have a Gluten Free cake of the day every day and a Happy Hour on cakes after 4pm. If you have Gluten issues and you are in the area, this place is most definitely worth a visit. Address: The Herb Box Market, 7134 E. Stetson Drive, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Telephone: (480) 289-6161 Hours Mon: 8:30a to 6p Tue: 8:30a to 6p Wed: 8:30a to 6p Thu: 8:30a to 9p Fri: 8:30a to 9p Sat: 9:00a to 9p Sun: 9a to 4p

Belgian Chocolates: Leonidas

When my brother asked me what I wanted from Belgium, I said Belgian Chocolates! And so I got exactly what I wanted. A tall plastic clear bag filled with 20 Belgian Chocolate Pralines by Leonidas. Looks can be quiet deceiving when it comes to this particular chocolate praline. At first glance they look as if they are solid hard, but one bite will prove otherwise. The first thing you taste is the smooth, silky, creamy rich, delicious filling which melts in your mouth. The quality of these chocolates is just superb. One of my first thoughts was How do people go back to standard grocery store chocolates after tasting these? My plan was to eat 1 chocolate a day, so they would last me 20 days, but of course I couldn’t just have 1. They lasted for only 3 days! If you are visiting Brussels, put Leonidas Chocolate Pralines on your list, for yourself & as a gift. Trust me, this are to die for! Belgian chocolate enjoys an enviable international reputation, thanks in particular to the …

Desserts of the World: Karidaki, Cyprus

I came across this jar of Karidaki today while I was grocery shopping & thought I would include it in my post. This is one of my favorite traditional local sweets on the island. It is a whole cooked walnut in water, sugar mixture, with added lemon juice & spices like cloves, vanilla & cinnamon. Bellow I’m including a little bit more about Karidaki & how it is made & a recipe. Karidaki Recipe While I was looking for the recipe online, I came across these youtube videos bellow. These are not only some of the Desserts on the island, but there are salty snacks in there too, as well as an alcoholic beverage. This girl is so cute, I love how she explains the tastes & products.