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5 Things they don’t tell you about the Ketogenic Diet

So I went Keto for 3 months & here’s what I found out: You hair is going to fall out & hair vitamins or collagen protein won’t help. This is due to lack of carbs. Your joints will hurt – Also due to lack of carbs. This happens during the first 2 weeks but does eventually go away. Electrolyte rich drinks help. You will get very bad breath – Yuck, yuck, yuck & what’s worse is you can’t really use gum or mints because they will throw you out of ketosis, unless they are sugar free and carb free. You can’t eat fruit – There are like probably 2/3 fruits that you can have & that’s it. I really missed fruit. You will get Keto flu or actual flu. I didn’t get Keto flu but I did get sick twice while on Keto diet, probably because I wasn’t eating any fruit (natural vitamins).         Advertisements