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3 Essential Tips For Your First Hiking Trip

If you’re feeling stressed out and suffocated by the rush and crush of city life, then you may want to spend the majority of your next trip in the great outdoors. What better way to do this than with a big hiking trip? Hiking can be just what the doctor ordered for a lot of avid travelers, but like any trip, it’s essential to do some preparation in advance. Here are a few essential tips for preparing for your first hiking trip… How’s the Weather? Seen as you’re going to spend a lot of this trip without dependable shelter, it’s important to know about the kind of weather you can expect while you’re out there, and how you can adjust your plans accordingly. Before you grab your things at basecamp and head out on a hike, be sure to check the internet, or consult a park ranger to find out what kind of weather you can expect. With a decent pair of boots and some waterproofs, you can still have a great time in a …

Vegas, Florida or Arizona?

Now that Tombstone Thursdays have ended, I would like to start new weekly posts. I want to hear from you, on what you would enjoy reading about most, and what photos you are most looking forward to. There are 3 new options: Vegas, I’ve visited Vegas a few times, so I have plenty of photos to share. I’ve travelled via car & via air. Florida, I’ve visited Florida twice. Both times I was in Clearwater area. And lastly Arizona Hikes. As I’ve lived in Arizona for a few years, I have quiet a few hikes to recommend along with photographs. The poll will close in 1 week time. I’m really looking forward to your replies 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Conquering my 1st Arizona hike – Camelback Mountain, Phoenix AZ, Valentines Day 2010 I just moved from Ohio to Arizona during the end of January of 2010. This was my 1st of many Arizona hikes. This was a special hike. Camelback Mountain is a very famous landmark in the Valley of the Sun, and if you happen to be in town, this should also be your 1st Arizona hike. More on Arizona hikes soon, as I will start doing posts on them with photos. Hiking was definitely something I got into, in Arizona. It’s such a healthy little fun recreational sport, and it makes you feel so great! It’s a perfect way to stay connected to nature, to explore beautiful lands, and to stay in shape. On many hikes, I would either grab my camera or my phone and take photos of beautiful flowers, landscape, and little creatures that live in these beautiful lands. To lean more about this week’s photo challenge & to participate click here.