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Key Stops on Your Tour Around Mainland Europe

Touring Europe is a rite of passage for many young people today. It’s a chance for them to break away. But it’s not just young people who should sample the delights of mainland Europe. So, if you’re thinking of taking a tour of the continent, here are some of the places you have to visit. France France is one of the most culturally impressive countries in the whole world. In terms of art, there’s nowhere else that can rival it. It has the Louvre, and a thousand other wonderful art galleries to explore, especially in Paris. It also has some amazing vineyards for the wine and champagne enthusiasts among you. There’s no better way to spend an afternoon in France than touring a great vineyard and doing a bit of wine tasting. You really can’t go to Europe without going to France, so this is where you should start. Sweden Of all the Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe, the one that you definitely need to visit is Sweden. There are many reasons for this. But …

Travel Tip: Book 2 or 3 tickets

My brother has a business trip coming up in November and he has meetings in Oslo, Bergen, Arendal & Gothenburg. I have been put in charge for finding him the cheapest airplane tickets. What I found out in this scenario is that the best deal is to book 2 separate tickets to Oslo and 1 departure direct ticket back to Cyprus. I found a flight from Cyprus to London with Ryanair & then booked London (same airport) to Oslo with Ryanair as well. Not only was I able to save tons of money, I also cut the layover time in half. The return ticket was booked through Norwegian Airlines and I got a great deal and a direct flight back to Cyprus.