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Limassol Street Art

So recently while walking through downtown Limassol I remembered that i wanted to do a blog post on local graffiti street art and perhaps do a series because I have street art photo coverage from London, Porto, Barcelona and Rome too. At first I thought well I probably won’t get enough material but I ended up with over 300 photos so I’m splitting the post in 2 parts with the 2nd on Limassol Street Life Festival that just happened last weekend. I remember back 10 years ago when graffiti was considered to be a form of vandalism, but today it has become more of an art form. You can even take graffiti art classes these days which is pretty cool. Today many buildings all over the world are decorated in pretty graffiti paintings and walls all over cities have meaningful messages on them. Let me know which city you visited impressed you with their street art in the comment section below and stay tuned for Part 2 of Limassol Street Art. Advertisements