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First Day in Rome: A Trastevere Post

After our Airbnb host introduction it was close to 4pm and we only had food on our minds. We decided to have our late lunch at Mama! Eat since it was nearby. This was one of the Gluten Free restaurants in Rome that I really wanted to try out. I didn’t realize just how close it was from our apartment until we tested out the route. From our apartment, we headed toward Piazza di Santa Maria. At the end of our street we made a Left turn and the famous Piazza was in front of us. The fountain in the center of the piazza was to our right as we approached it, and after we passed the fountain while still remaining inside the Piazza, we took Via di San Cosimato which is the road the restaurant is located on. Mama Eat is located at the very beginning of that street so the walk was very short, a total of about 5 minutes from our apartment. The restaurant wasn’t very busy during this time of the afternoon. Only a couple of tables were …

First Experience with Airbnb in Rome

This was my first time using Airbnb, my first time visiting Rome, as well as my birthday, so I wanted to have a good first experience. This is also why I picked Massimiliano’s studio in beautiful Trastevere, because of his great reputation and amazing apt location. Massimiliano is absolutely an amazing host and I really got lucky. Anything I needed, he was there to help me with right away. He also greeted us with a delicious Italian lemon cake, which I couldn’t eat of course because of my gluten issues, but my mum had it for breakfast in the morning. The apt is great and has everything you need. The bed in the apt as well as the comforter was super comfortable and perfect to rest and relax in after a full day of sightseeing. There was always hot water available for the shower and water pressure was fantastic! Besides the hairdryer at the apt, there was also a mini flat iron available for use. I also found some vanilla candles in the bathroom which I used …

Travel Journal: Trastevere, Roma

I am in love with Trastevere. It’s such a magical place. This Piazza is next to my little apt & it’s beautiful. If I had to describe Trastevere, I would say that it’s quaint, charming, romantic, easy going & very cool. There are lots of little cute shops & boutiques around, all kinds of cool little bars, beautiful restaurants & everything is interesting. People are so friendly here, I love that. Piazza di Santa Maria Travellers in Trastevere