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For this week’s challenge, share an image that depicts transition. Let life itself be your muse. – To participate in this week’s photo challenge click here Next year is gonna be nuts! I’m going Nomadic & exploring tons of awesome islands & beaches all over the World 🙂 – The World is my Oyster! ☀ ☀ ☀ Advertisements

Music: Women of Wanderlust

Good Evening from Cyprus Everyone!!!! ☀ ☀ ☀ As you probably already know there are 2 things I love in this World with passion, the World itself & Music & I couldn’t possibly live without either. The best thing ever is when these 2 are combined 🙂 It’s such perfection for any Wanderluster! Well this evening I was chatting with Miss Mirre Oost from Mirre Op Reis & she shared an awesome new song with me that she just came across. But before I share this beautiful song with you & its lyrics, let me just share a little brief 2 second history of how the 2 of us met. So this is our little backstory: We met right before we jumped out of a plane for the first time with our awesome little group in beautiful Empuriabrava, Spain in May & the rest as they say is history, instant friends! 🙂 Here are our videos below. The rush of adrenaline is unreal, best feeling for sure. My highlight of 2015 definitely! 🙂 Now as Winter …

2016 Travel Outline

This is what the 2016 Travel Outline looks like at the moment. Things change on the go, so I really don’t know where I will be when the actual month comes along. Some events I’m pretty sure I will be at like TBEX Europe 🙂 I miss all of my new friends from TBEX Europe 2015 & cannot wait to be reunited with them again in a new European Country.          2016 January: Birthday in Rome, Italy February: Open March: Open April: London Visit & Traverse Event in Cardiff, Wales [Originally was supposed to be 1 month in Bali, Indonesia which was postponed due to conflicting schedules] May: Open June: Open July: TBEX Europe 2015 + Helsinki, Finland as well as other nearby Scandinavian countries which I haven’t visited: Norway & Denmark August: Open September: Ibiza October: Open November: Latin America December: Latin America That’s the basic outline, but it changes constantly. A big Music Festival is on my Bucket List as well, so I would love to do that & cross over to Brazil via Canary Islands on …

Travel Tuesday Special Request

Hello Sunshine lovers! ☀ For this Travel Tuesday, I have a special request for you. Next summer (JULY 2016) I will be attending TBEX Europe in Stockholm, Sweden. I have never been to Sweden & it’s definitely on my Sunshine Bucket List. I am super excited for this event & cannot wait to reconnect with tons of Travel Bloggers I’ve met at TBEX Europe 2015 who have become dear friends of mine. I have also applied to stay at the Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments for 6 days during July as well which is located in beautiful Helsinki, Finland which is also on my Bucket List and not too far away from Sweden. This is where you come in! 🙂 I would SO appreciate it if you took a second of your time to Vote for me to stay here. All you gotta do is hit the “thumbs up” icon next to my name at this link: #HelsinkiSecret I would be staying here right after TBEX Europe, so last week of July. What you get in return As …

Are you travelling to Barcelona or Costa Brava in April or May?

During my most recent trip to Porto, Portugal, a Travel Blogger that I follow was there too at the same time, but we weren’t aware of this. It was only after we both finished our trip and saw uploaded photos online of the same places we visited that we realized this. Too bad, it would have been nice to meet up and have a fun day out in a new city. So that’s why I’m asking you this ahead of time. Is anybody travelling to Barcelona or Costa Brava end of next month or beginning of May? If you are, please let me know. We should definitely get together for a fun day in this pretty place 🙂 Costa Brava  Barcelona  27 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Barcelona Now

Postcards From Porto

Last month I created the Postcards From… pay it forward post and since I’m about to depart for another destination, I am going to do another postcard drawing. This winner(s) will receive a postcard from Porto, Portugal this time. I would like to do 2 random drawings but in case I don’t have enough people, there will still be one winner. The rules are really simple, all you gotta do it comment “POSTCARD” bellow in comments to be qualified for the drawing. Those of you who haven’t received a postcard last time, from Rome, but have commented on my last post, your names will be entered in this drawing 🙂 If you do happen to be the random winner, then I will contact you for your address. Good Luck! 😀

How Not to Book Flights, Missed Flight Cover & My New Trip Itinerary

I did a little post before on the benefits of booking several separate flights and saving tons of money this way while travelling. This of course is a great idea and you can indeed save tons of money like this, but you may encounter some issues along the way when booking flights like this, especially if you have several different tickets to keep a track of. I recently made a mistake on my own booking that has caused me some great concern, stress and inconvenience. First of all there is no direct flight available from Cyprus to Portugal yet, so whichever way I went about my booking, I was going to have a layover or two along the way. My thinking was at least I can have a layover on own terms, and make it as short as possible and save quiet a bit of money along the way by purchasing separate tickets. My plan didn’t quiet work that way, it backfired. Piazza del Duomo, Milan I bought a ticket from Larnaca, Cyprus to Milan, …