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5 Less Well-Known Places You Need To Visit In America!

Millions of people visit the US every year to go to popular places such as New York, Vegas, and Florida, but some real gems are less well-known places to visit. Here are 5 less well-known places you need to visit in America. Wyoming One top place in America you may not have heard about is Wyoming. It’s a stunning state which is full of mountains. It’s also home to several national parks that are a must-see if you love nature. Yellowstone National Park to the north of the area has some amazing rivers and canyons. You can also visit Grand Teton National Park, which is great for hiking and fishing. You will be able to spot some elk, bears and eagles, and as this article reveals, the awe-inspiring landscape is something you don’t want to miss. Oklahoma City Another less well-known place in America you need to visit is Oklahoma City. It’s full of history that you will want to find out more about. You can visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial, which is dedicated to …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Conquering my 1st Arizona hike – Camelback Mountain, Phoenix AZ, Valentines Day 2010 I just moved from Ohio to Arizona during the end of January of 2010. This was my 1st of many Arizona hikes. This was a special hike. Camelback Mountain is a very famous landmark in the Valley of the Sun, and if you happen to be in town, this should also be your 1st Arizona hike. More on Arizona hikes soon, as I will start doing posts on them with photos. Hiking was definitely something I got into, in Arizona. It’s such a healthy little fun recreational sport, and it makes you feel so great! It’s a perfect way to stay connected to nature, to explore beautiful lands, and to stay in shape. On many hikes, I would either grab my camera or my phone and take photos of beautiful flowers, landscape, and little creatures that live in these beautiful lands. To lean more about this week’s photo challenge & to participate click here.