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Planning Your Singapore City Break

Singapore is often noted as one of the safest places in the world when it comes to crime, and it’s also a country that’s home to some stunning architecture. Lots of people choose to visit this location every year for a variety of different reasons. Some folks enjoy the restaurants and nightlife, while others travel there with a work visa with the intention to earn money. However, Singapore is an excellent place for a city break because there are a wealth of attractions and activities guaranteed to keep everyone entertained. Still, the island nation is often an expensive place to spend your time, and that’s why you need some planning advice to ensure you don’t break the bank. Booking your flights As with most other destinations in the world, you’re always best to book flights at least a couple of months in advance if you want to tick Singapore off your bucket list. In some instances, it’s possible to find some excellent last minute deals. However, that is not a reliable strategy to follow if …

4 Good Reasons to Fall in Love With Thailand

Thailand is one of those Asian holiday destinations that has to be seen to be believed. It’s a place that receives a lot of tourism, but it’s usually from repeat visitors who can’t get enough of this magical and unique location. It’s a place that scares many people due to the different culture and potential language barrier, but it’s a country steeped in culture and history that you definitely can’t miss. To help convince you, here are four good reasons why you’ll fall in love with Thailand. The cost Thailand is a budget holiday destination where you can stretch your pennies. Travelling to Thailand is moderately priced, the food is very cheap and delicious, and there are plenty of unique places to stay and find entertainment. As long as you stay away from the obvious tourist traps such as the luxury resorts and shy away from the crowds, you’ll find fantastic traditional food in the back alley food stalls and welcoming hostels to sleep in. This makes Thailand a fantastic location for a backpacking or …

An Inspirational Journey To Hong Kong

The first thing you notice as a westerner going to Hong Kong is that it is a mixture of cultures. Yes, it’s got an almost New York feel to it, with its dazzling skyscrapers and fantastic wealth. But it’s also got a very Chinese atmosphere. The traffic is orderly, and the food is traditional. What this creates is a unique environment for the traveling. It feels both like home and a foreign land. The city is also a joy to explore. There’s something around practically every corner as well as high up in the sky. Best In Dry Season Before traveling to Hong Kong, it’s a good idea to compare travel insurance quotes. The weather in the region can be volatile, especially in typhoon season. The best months to go are the dry months between October and February. Because the city is sub-tropical, it can still get quite cold in the winter months, so it’s a good idea to make sure you take warm clothes if you’re traveling at this time of the year. Also …

Win a Trip for 2 in Australia, Europe, Asia or USA

TourRadar and Contiki are giving away a Trip for 2 to one lucky winner! All you gotta do is Like the TourRadar Facebook page, enter your email address and carefully select the trip of your choice. The trips take place in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA. The itineraries are really amazing, and they would be a lot of fun. You just have to keep in mind that you will be paying for plane ride to one of these places if you do indeed win. Good Luck! 🙂

Motherhood Around the World

Last year I came across these beautiful and very interesting stories on families raising their children abroad and the contrast between their new country and their home country. I’m posting links to all of those articles bellow. They are quiet interesting, not just for mothers and families, but I believe any traveller will appreciate reading these. 24 Surprising Things about Parenting in the United States 18 Surprising Things about Parenting in Chile 13 Surprising Things about Parenting in Turkey 14 Surprising Things about Parenting in Australia 20 Surprising Things about Parenting in Germany 16 Surprising Things about Parenting in China 15 Surprising Things about Parenting in England 12 Surprising Things about Parenting in India 10 Surprising Things About Parenting in Mexico 12 Surprising Things About Parenting in Abu Dhabi 11 Surprising Things About Parenting in Northern Ireland 13 Surprising Things About Parenting in Congo 10 Surprising Things about Parenting in Japan