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Incredible Things You Need to Do in Venice

If you were to ask someone what the most romantic city in the world is, you’re probably going to get one of two answers. Most people, perhaps, will say Paris, though I’m sure many of these people haven’t actually been on a romantic holiday in Paris. Others will tell you that it’s the Italian city of Venice. (You might get someone try to claim it’s New York City. Don’t pay attention to them. Just walk away.) Venice is often spoken about in the context of the artistic masterpieces you can find there. But Venice itself is a sort of artistic masterpiece. Let me conjure up some images for you. Unique, winding alleyways. Extraordinary art museums and palaces. Calm and clean canals. There’s no doubt that Venice is a beautiful city, and a very romantic one, too. Is it better than Paris? For my money, yes. So what can you do in Venice? Here are some suggestions that will make you trip to this great city absolutely unforgettable. Go on a gondola ride What, you were …


Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic – “How do you fuel the fires of optimism?” I’m the happiest girl in the World when: I’m surrounded by high wattage Sunshine I’m in a new location & bonus points for places that have super bright colors and are naturally optimistic and appealing to the eye Photo Location: Porto, Portugal skyline from Vila Nova de Gaia To participate in this Week’s Photo Challenge: Click Here

Key Stops on Your Tour Around Mainland Europe

Touring Europe is a rite of passage for many young people today. It’s a chance for them to break away. But it’s not just young people who should sample the delights of mainland Europe. So, if you’re thinking of taking a tour of the continent, here are some of the places you have to visit. France France is one of the most culturally impressive countries in the whole world. In terms of art, there’s nowhere else that can rival it. It has the Louvre, and a thousand other wonderful art galleries to explore, especially in Paris. It also has some amazing vineyards for the wine and champagne enthusiasts among you. There’s no better way to spend an afternoon in France than touring a great vineyard and doing a bit of wine tasting. You really can’t go to Europe without going to France, so this is where you should start. Sweden Of all the Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe, the one that you definitely need to visit is Sweden. There are many reasons for this. But …

BEST OF 2015

Half a year has already gone by, how crazy is that? I visited some new countries and cities this year & so far my Travel Adventures have been awesome! At the moment I have no new travel plans set just yet, as I am now in a money making mode. I will definitely take one or two small trips before the end of the year, then one in January for my birthday again as well as April and then Stockholm in July 2016 for TBEX Europe. The next new cities I plan to visit are: Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Lisbon & Stockholm. Let’s get to the list of Favorites for 2015 – Highlight the photo for further information I am not including Cyprus on the list because I am making a separate Best Of Cyprus Post.

NEW: Italy, Portugal & Spain Pages

For easier navigation, I created separate pages above for countries I’ve visited this year so far. I am still in the process of creating many posts for Spain and some on Italy and Portugal too. In Italy I visited The Vatican City and Rome. In Portugal I visited Porto, Matosinhos and Braga. In Spain I visited Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, Platja d’Aro and Empuriabrava. Bellow the photos are the links to the new pages. Just click on the titles and they will take you to each page. 🙂                In Love with Italy                               P is for Portugal                               Spring in Spain

Sale Alert: 15% off InterRail Global Pass Train Tickets

InterRail is currently having a 15% off sale on their Global Pass Tickets which let you explore 30 of Europe’s countries! For more details on this deal and prices head over here: InterRail Global Pass The countries included in the pass are the following:

Why you should eat at R’domus when in Porto

View of R’domus from the street During my first full day in Porto, after some sightseeing and a river cruise, I came across R’domus restaurant and I’m super happy that I did. There was a big sign on the street advertising their very affordable meal of the day which is what got my attention in the first place. Henrique, Paulo and Daniella, the three siblings that work at this local restaurant, are absolutely amazing! They really fed me well 🙂 In fact they fed me so well with their delicious food, I had to take dessert home, and that never happens! R’domus offers very tasty Portuguese food for a very low price. My suggestion for you is that you skip the little overpriced riverside tapas places and you come straight here for a proper full meal. You won’t regret it! You should most definitely order the Meal of the Day. There will always be some sort of delicious meat on the menu, and the day I visited, they had sausages, but since I don’t eat meat anymore, I went for their fried …

Win a Trip for 2 in Australia, Europe, Asia or USA

TourRadar and Contiki are giving away a Trip for 2 to one lucky winner! All you gotta do is Like the TourRadar Facebook page, enter your email address and carefully select the trip of your choice. The trips take place in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA. The itineraries are really amazing, and they would be a lot of fun. You just have to keep in mind that you will be paying for plane ride to one of these places if you do indeed win. Good Luck! 🙂