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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic – “How do you fuel the fires of optimism?” I’m the happiest girl in the World when: I’m surrounded by high wattage Sunshine I’m in a new location & bonus points for places that have super bright colors and are naturally optimistic and appealing to the eye Photo Location: Porto, Portugal skyline from Vila Nova de Gaia To participate in this Week’s Photo Challenge: Click Here

Sangrias, Sunshine & Bossa Novas from Ribeira Square in Porto, Portugal

The most beautiful moments in life just happen by chance. In March I had a pleasure of experiencing one of those magical moments of pure perfection in Porto. The sound of live music got my attention – Soft and smooth Brazilian Bossa Novas were dancing in the air. I picked a perfect spot, front row seats for this live show. I started people watching, as the sun warmed up my face. My Sangria order arrived and it was perfectly delicious! As time passed, and my drink slowly vanished in front of my eyes, I decided that I would extend this moment a bit longer and savour every beautiful second I possibly could. This is where my little reward comes in – I decided to order another glass of this perfect sangria just so I could stay in this beautiful moment awhile longer. As the afternoon turned into an early evening and my bill arrived, only one sangria was on the bill. A reward indeed! This entire afternoon was very rewarding for me and I am …

BEST OF 2015

Half a year has already gone by, how crazy is that? I visited some new countries and cities this year & so far my Travel Adventures have been awesome! At the moment I have no new travel plans set just yet, as I am now in a money making mode. I will definitely take one or two small trips before the end of the year, then one in January for my birthday again as well as April and then Stockholm in July 2016 for TBEX Europe. The next new cities I plan to visit are: Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Lisbon & Stockholm. Let’s get to the list of Favorites for 2015 – Highlight the photo for further information I am not including Cyprus on the list because I am making a separate Best Of Cyprus Post.